More garden adventures

Whilst out on one of his lockdown walks, Husband found some hollow logs.

We felt they were too unique to chop up and burn so Husband decided to turn them into planters. The plan is to fill them with herbs and keep them along the front wall of the house so that they’re close by when we need them.

I’m not going to do a tutorial because it’s unlikely many people have random hollow logs sitting around (and because it’s fairly self-evident how they’re made), but I did want to mention them because they’re beautiful, free(ish), and totally sustainable.

For this one, Husband basically sank two elbow-shaped logs in the gravel, then lay the hollow log on top, before screwing slices of a different trunk to each end.

Because of the odd shape of the second hollow log, instead of screwing a disk on, he opted to cut a slice of wood and place it in the gap at the end of the chanel. This was simply a matter of measuring the circumference, finding a log that matched and then rotating it in place until it nestled snuggly.

I’m told that there are a few more potential log-planters, waiting to be had. If we build them, I think I’m going to fill those with salad leafs.

This has been a really nice exercise in using what’s on hand in the world around us. No wood was purchased for this – in fact, the only man-made materials used were the screws (though one could argue that the gravel counts too, given that it was used to level the logs on which the planters rest).

We have other ideas for how to utilise various wood we’ve found – everything from frames for climbing plants to the edging on yet more planting beds.

I will keep you updated as to how we get on!

Do you have planters in your garden? What are they made from, and what are you growing in them? I would love to hear about them – here, or on Twitter.

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